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The E-Commerce Logistics Platform for Managing your CPG Business

For $50 a month, streamline operations for your small to midsize business with our suite of full service tools.

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Remove 3-4 subscriptions from your business tech stack with ENVI

Integrate with
E-commerce Platforms

Leverage Omnichannel Sales Analytics

Manage your Small Business Inventory

Upcoming features:
Bulk editing
Accurate zip code shipping cost predictions
Supplier database

Your Product Goes on a Journey to Get into the Hands of Your Customers

Envi gives you greater visibility into each step of the process, saving 7 hours of manual labor per week


Envi’s out-of-the-box system makes it easy for your small business to get organized.

Whether you store your data manually, keep written notes, or have folders full of documents on your computer, Envi revolutionizes how you manage your daily operations.

How it works

Material & Inventory Management

For just one SKU or hundreds, monitor stock levels for your products, packaging, and raw ingredients to ensure that your stock always matches the demands of your customers.

Supplier & Vendor Management

Strengthen your professional relationships and stay connected to the resources and stakeholders that enable your business with proper data organization and easy data retrieval.

Shipping & Transport Management

Never miss a beat with our automated transportation tracking and shipment reminders, so you can have peace of mind and get exactly what you need exactly when you need it.

Sales Channel Management

As your business grows in complexity, quick and efficient access to your various sales data will save you time and offer a greater and more comprehensive perspective on the road to success.

In addition to our end-to-end operations tools

Secure data management

Share important notes, files and contacts with your team.

Strategic business planning

Track your to do’s and formulate your distribution strategy.

Insights and Analytics

Optimize your business performance with our analytics.

Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Compliance

  • Automatic Reporting
  • No Expertise Needed

All the best features of an enterprise tool without the overwhelming complexity

Ditch the siloed systems and infinite spreadsheets for a centralized platform

Reduce your manual workload along with your inefficiency
to save time and money

Start building a strong business foundation as early as day 1

For teams of 1 and up, Envi supports your company through its growth with robust professional tools that are straightforward to use, all at an affordable price.

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